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The risk of mineral waters

Many times you can hear a scientific evidence-based statements, which discussed the beneficial effects of the consumption of natural mineral waters. In most cases, the various forums unanimous mineral water consumption, and PET bottles to raise awareness of the dangers.

However, before any argument is to be treated as fact, worth a closer walk around the subject and make ourselves, that natural mineral water consumption of our body does not hurt.

palackozott termeszetes asvanyviz

What are the most common misconceptions and notions of natural mineral water consumption regarding?

  • risk of indiscriminate consumption of natural mineral water: Not! After all, only to be awarded a source of natural mineral name, if its beneficial effects on the body composition.
  • all bottled water is a form of: Not! Since all natural mineral water of different composition, Thus, each world has a unique taste.
  • waste of money for bottled water: Not! After all, health is priceless.
  • In addition to the water consumption is reduced mains water consumption: Not! Indeed, in addition to the daily fluid intake per day more than the average person 100 use a liter of water.
  • The purified water is healthier, than natural mineral water: Not! After all, the inherently pure natural mineral water, any chemical or physical process has not undergone.