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Water and Health


Water is the source of life, the basic building blocks of life

Water, One of the most basic life, most indispensable condition. The first initiatives of life sometime long ago evolved in the water, that is, the possibility of the creation of life and survival in the material properties due to the wonderful, with two molecules of hydrogen- and an oxygen atom from the relationship, if you come up the love. Water forms the human body is about 55 to 70% of, Depending on age and gender, and water is hardly out of people without drinking more than three to four days. Each, ami, and whoever lives, contains water. The man in the water itself. Water present in the human body is not present as a single mass, but the so-called. water is shared spaces. The organs, neither uniform distribution within the organization in terms of tissue water. Extremely high, 90 % characterized by a water content above the spinal cord, the brain and the eye, but also in many other organs and tissues 70 % has a water content above. The World Health Organization (WHO) Based on data organization for children 60-75 %-water; Apart from changes with age in the women's organization 50-55 %-across, while men's average 60-65 %-Water makes up. The time progresses, the body water content gradually decreases.

What is the role of water in the body?

  • Provides circulation
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • Helps maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance of
  • Involved in the transport of nutrients, absorption
  • Helps the protective functions of the skin
  • It protects the mucous membranes from drying out
  • It facilitates the movement of joints
  • Detoxifying function performs
  • It plays a role in the regulation of body temperature

What is the ideal daily fluid needs?

Normally, direction of tax for adults daily amount 2-2,5 liter víz, which have to be on top of the food consumed in liquid. This is the amount of physical strain and less exposed body not used for the specified, during which the load or appropriate in the circumstances (summer) be increased.

When you need to pay extra attention to the amount of water consumption?

  • During pregnancy (daily volume increased +300 ml)
  • During lactation (daily volume increased +700 ml)
  • Summer (need and age, but on average 1 liters more)
  • In case of sports activities regularly carried out
  • In case of diet (daily 1 liters more)

Maybe there is too much water?

The hourly output adapted to kidney hydration (maximum 1 liters of urine / hour) cause serious damage to our body does not, However, it is not appropriate to go beyond our needs.

There is healing effects of water consumption?

Of course! After all, the foundations of our organization trains, However, the quantity and quality of water consumption of well-being can also help a lot.

What is the appropriate water quality?

Tap water provided by the home sewer is not harmful for our body, However, it is not too helpful. Because tap water contains nothing more than the chlorine and other chemical disinfectants. But our body with the liquid you need important minerals, Unfortunately, in today's culinary culture which can not be fully satisfied. It is therefore recommended instead of tap water rather mineral wateret consumed, since the forward bottled mineral waters natural mineral content of the body for a perfect score.

What is the natural mineral waters?

The inherently clean, uncontaminated, from mélyrétegből, and a constant composition of water can call natural mineral waters, change its composition is strictly prohibited. (This carbon dioxide from the procedures only exceptions.) The basic requirement is also natural mineral water When placing, that must be solved in order to avoid contamination of bottled or fountain next to the original source.

If you prefer, a natural mineral water also a kind of organic product, Add as without human intervention and foreign material, is consumed in its original state.

Nevertheless, Due to our country's advantage in rare, a natural mineral water market offers huge. And although a lot of good water available, one of them excellent. Because of Székesfehérvár Aqua Mathias natural mineral water has a high mineral composition, that day, contribute to the day to keep healthy.

Why is the recommended Aqua Mathias natural mineral water consumption?

  • Because thanks to the carbon dioxide content of the natural carbon dioxide bubbles in a uniform and evenly distributed.
  • Because the dissolved silicon metakovasavas, and high calcium. Content of magnesium bicarbonate.
  • And because the composition is useful for bone and connective tissue structure, as well as in the formation of cartilage, and promotes the development of young body and slow the aging of the older organization.

What is more useful for us to Aqua Mathias natural mineral water consumption?

  • It promotes better physical and mental performance.
  • Keep blood pressure low
  • Fails to migraines and headaches
  • It helps in digestion and detoxification
  • Promotes diet
  • Useful for kidney stones and urinary tract infections, prevention of
  • Attenuates the symptoms of sunburn and sunstroke
  • Preserves skin's beauty and body fitness level