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The message of the water

Water stock up all the information, which is in contact. It is able to transfer the information stored in the human body, therefore important that water is what we drink. Professor Masaru Emoto Japanese began to study the ability of this new method of water, which ideas, the words, the sound of water and the impact of the music to display. Emoto's experiments of distilled water used, any information which might say no. This information without water brought up different vibrations. Mozart, Beethowen, Chopin works, heavy metal zenét, folk songs listened to the water, placed it in different words, and all of them froze, and examined under a microscope. The results were shocking. Water crystals form in the normal state, the hexagonal crystal structure, as a snowflake.

Emoto's experiment proved, that if they have any negative statement containing the water, pl: do it yourself, let me alone, I'll kill you, then this crystal structure disintegrates immediately. At the moment, however,, transmit positive information as to, mint pl. I love you, you're beautiful, the hexagonal crystal structure is established immediately. Emoto has tried a variety of sources, holy water from wells also, are beautiful, showed a definite shape. If such a perfect structure of water is added to our body, the reshaping of the water in our bodies, because a stronger vibration remakes always the weaker.

"If there is a soul and God, you will not have to go far for the assurance, because there is the pulsating matter, the gray hétköznapjaidban, in your hands, and if we are wise enough, Explore your Senses to the universe, You will soon notice, the discovery that the universe is one of the most obvious way of the water. "