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The mineral water bottling technology


A,,en,sending..,,en,Name,,en,Subscribe,,en,We use cookies on the website,,hu,which help us deliver the best possible services,,hu,By using our website further, you agree,,hu,to use cookies,,hu,Ok,,en natural mineral water protected, groundwater aquifer - one or more natural, or derived from sources or artificially excavated pit. The natural mineral wateret only free bottled water abstraction site environment. The water intake site and the bottling location contiguous, should form a closed system.

The way the producers natural mineral wateret submersible pump delivers the bottling plant, where it is stored in temporary containers. The tank to the bottling of water to another pump forward, which can be controlled in accordance with the requirements of water filling machine.

palackA,,en,sending..,,en,Name,,en,Subscribe,,en,We use cookies on the website,,hu,which help us deliver the best possible services,,hu,By using our website further, you agree,,hu,to use cookies,,hu,Ok,,en natural mineral water One of the key value, that is inherently clean, can not be, but also be artificially cleaned. Az mineral water Regulation, however, a number of physical process, which is a two-unstable ingredients - iron, manganese- and sulfur compounds, and arsenic - can be removed from the water. These treatments during the filtration or decanting (decantation) remove those components. The operation of filtered, sterile, with ozone-enriched air and saturation can be promoted. The condition of treatment, that the procedure does not alter the composition of the water, determining the amount of the components of the characteristics.
In case of carbon dioxide-enriched product bottled carbon dioxide is stored in the external liquid reservoir is vaporized by a vaporizer system, then by using the mixing machine is added to the mineral water. For the carbon dioxide content of the product is slightly enriched product carbon dioxide 2 4 g/l, In the Hungarian market in classical carbon dioxide-enriched product 6 7 g/l.
The carbon dioxide-enriched or non-carbonated (of dissolved carbon dioxide in the carbon dioxide) water then passes to the filling machine, where the water enters through the rinsed bottles valves. In order to maintain the microbiological quality of bottle rinsing, filling and sealing machine is a filtered, sterile air space work, with a slight excess pressure, that the bottles external contamination can not enter.
After bottling UV light coming through the applicator and the capturing track hopper sterile plastic lids closing machine for placing it on the bottle, and close to the correct torque. The sterile chamber sealed bottles are then leaving it to the appropriate tags, are connected to the computer locking up glue labeling machine. Filling level of the bottles, the label and cap the existence of automated machine monitor, conveyor which removes the defective product. Then, the annotation ink jet or laser machine automatically writes the bottle neck or the closure of the product quality retention period, which is usually the date of bottling the product 6-12 month.

Today, Hungary, the vast majority of single-use plastic mineral water bottles filled in the market, particularly in retail. A PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles for consumers to spread practical, It's easy, and not have to bother with the redemption, Moreover, in contrast to the sometimes-popping news nothing to reduce the amenity value of the liquids they contain. Their use, however, gives rise to much debate, saying, Following the bottles they use to pollute the environment. However, when considering environmental pollution during the manufacture of refillable bottles - bottle washing, excess water consumption, -waste water, Making lye, -Manage, requiring the use of plastic crates washing, Dupla fuvar, more air pollution, road damage, the need for more storage, stb. - The results of impact studies consistently stated, that the environmental impact of single-use bottles is nothing more, as refillable bottles can. The amount of packaging waste and the development of selective waste collection, and the thus collected should be reduced by recycling plastic. During processing, the bottles are ground, granules produced by it, which is then suitable for the food industry new bottles, or film making, de ruhanemű, construction material, construction material, and countless other materials can also be used as a raw material.
The mineral water bottles label double role. Partly markings required by law, contain important information for the customer, but in addition to the label, enter the product brand, appearance of. The manufacturer's label is applied to a very wide range, depending on the marketing of ideas, nyak, sing, or round labels, Paper, made of plastic or foil, glued or fastened öntapadással, stb.
Product design is an important part of the unique shape of the bottle, color, which also emphasizes the characteristics of individual firms. However, widespread, that the carbon dioxide-enriched mineral waters blue cap, slightly enriched green or yellow, szénsavmentesé in the pink.
The charge, followed by labeling the bottles shrink. These machines are made of different packages depending on the űrmérettől: 1,5 For-liter bottles 6 db-os, 0,5 presentation on L 12 db-os, 0,33 l waters 24 Pcs kits are made, fülező machine which facilitates the portability glue ear. After preparing the kits for automatic palletizing placing the pallets. There are cardboard between each level, and then machine stretch film to record the pallet. The finished pallets are placed in the finished goods warehouse, and only microbiological examination of the item, and delivered on the basis of the corresponding results.