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What you need to know about the plastic packaging materials?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Under no circumstances cylinders are hazardous to health.

From time to time the media claims olvasatóak, According to the packaging of mineral water and soft drinks worldwide, 1-PET bottles marked with a code number and harmful to your health, dangerous. This statement is completely false.

petVery strict regulations apply to, a packaging material to be applied to food packaging, and a food packaging. Before enabling the use of packaging material independent scientific institutions that define packaging materials coming into contact with food, it, whether the food in a variety of circumstances - that is also exposed to heat - what, and how much old material out of the packaging material. If this rate exceeds a very safe limit specified health, the packaging material shall not be permitted in food packaging.

By EU legislation, that the amount of packaging materials, ingredients can be dissolved in a given food. This applies also to PET bottles. This value is far less than the amount of adverse health, very safe. Furthermore, food control authorities regularly, and strictly control, that packaged foods contain this, and how much packaging material leachable component.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) never so packed mineral water bottles a health hazard, does not contain any harmful substances even, for a long time if stored in a warm place for the bottle!