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Bottled or tap water?

Analyzes and publications from various scientific sources increasingly show the direction of tap water, According to what is a healthy, than bottled water. However, the facts still do not support this, it's too, the mains water saturated with chemicals, essential for our body does not contain the minerals and trace elements.

Although the mains water undoubtedly has its advantages, it is available almost anywhere, the cylinder on demand and free of cold or warm, the consistently high quality not expect him.

Think about it! How many times, welcome to the tap water was red with rust or milky just the chlorine. You are welcome to consume day, day that the fluctuating water quality?

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Bottled natural mineral water continuously delivers the highest quality, by contrast, the, so surprise never reach us. But also in the consumption of bottled mineral waters doubts arise, because we believe, that the bottle is only charged on the environment. Fortunately, this mistake, because the bottles used 100 %-in recycled.

In summary,, if you keep high quality, clean and healthy water intake, or in any case worth of bottled natural mineral water is a choice.