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Myths about mineral water bottle

For many mineral water bottles – incorrectly – synonymous with the environmental burden of, Thanks to this technology is now prepared a fejlettségünknek recycled bottles, which are not harmful to the environment.

pet palack

What myths are circulating about the mineral water bottle?

  • polluting: Not! The next, that PET bottles are 100% recyclable, raw elbomlanak.
  • harmful to health: Not! The technology used in prepared bottles of mineral water stored in it will not react, thus dissolved substance is not harmful to the bottle

Facts on PET bottles:

A PETRA (North American PET Manufacturers Association) Research published by showing, to lower the environmental load of PET bottles, such as aluminum beverage cans and glass bottles can. This fact shows the most energy used for production volume, In the case of PET bottles which have the greenhouse effect is less responsible erősödéséért.

PET bottles make up a much less solid waste, such as aluminum or glass bottles can.

The amount of solid waste:

  • PET palack: 136 kg
  • aluminum beverage cans: 348 kg
  • glass bottle: 2.244 kg