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As thousands of years rested underground, and what has been consumed in Turkey are also welcome, A quarter century that the Alba Mineral Ltd.. give customers. The company's main activity in Szekesfehervar, protected area, Sport and Leisure neighborhood produces bottled and the Aqua Mathias natural mineral wateret. By King Water Sample our shop and small, both wholesale directly obtain.

Why Aqua Mathias bears the name of Székesfehérvár natural mineral water?

As the seat of King Matthias was already a code of Székesfehérvár and also commemorated the excellent sources of local wells, so the naming was very clear to us.

But King Matthias is inherently tied to the philosophy under water, he remembered in history as the water-selector role, He was the, in our country who perfectly embodied the image of a just ruler and a determined and successful military leader. Efforts focused on the unit at the same time, the wholeness and health as well, which not only the spirit of that time, but also defines the ideals of our modern world.

And it's the same spirit we believe this is natural mineral waterour!

After the Aqua Mathias natural mineral water a synergy between all of the individual elements, that is impossible to imitate. And this treasure of Alba Mineral Ltd.. bottled and distributed to all parts of the country, to your day, meet its day to protect the health of.

Why choose the outside Aqua Mathias natural mineral wateret?

Because our company is committed to the individual mineral waterpreserve the purity of the natural base, and environmental affairs.

To the latter natural mineral water we strive to reduce the energy and natural resources used in the bottling and distribution, and pay attention to the selective waste collection.

All of these are consistently applied to all of our and our partners are encouraged, to actively participate in environmental protection, because we believe, This ensures that our contribution to sustainable development.

The result of more than two decades of work and commitment:

  • 2005-Komlóért Expo in charge
  • 2007 – NAE, Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2013 – NAE, Quality Award